“I want to start the gym, but I’m afraid everyone will be fitter than me”

The fear that you will be the standout unfit person in your first class is the single biggest worry that the majority of new gym users will have. Let me talk you through the reason why this should not be the way and the three steps you need to take to get over your gym fear, gain your confidence back and take the first step on the most rewarding journey of your life.

For the purpose of this blog post ill stick to ‘SOURCE gym’ when generally referring to ‘the gym.’ We know what we do and the ethics we run or gym by, but cannot speak for everyone.

Everyone had to take the steps through the gym door and deal with the fear, doubts, and uncertainty of what was to greet them.

Firstly, you are new, just like everyone was ‘new’ at one stage. Everyone had to take the steps through the gym door and deal with the fear, doubts, and uncertainty of what was to greet them. There would be no reason to think that people will forget this moment when they see you coming in on your first day. We are so proud of SOURCE’s members and the way they nurture and support new joiners. We are very fortunate.

Trainers have chosen their career to help people in need. Being a trainer is a vocation. To make sure that members get lasting results a trainers duty goes far beyond the need to be a waiter for dumbbells. The trainer’s commitment to you will be to sit down and talk to you as a new member, figure out where your start point is, what your worries are, what your goals are and then lay out, precisely what you will need to do to achieve your goals. They will need to support you, check up on you, guide you and make sure that this lives up to the fitness experience you had hoped for.

If you are a beginner, you will have no bad habits. This fact may sound quite strange. One of the most significant issues that a trainer will need to overcome in their career will be trying to rewire a member that has trained incorrectly before and is unaware of what’s actually required to get into shape. If you are new to fitness, you can self profess a lack of fitness knowledge and are ready to work then you are a dream client for a trainer.

The 3 steps in starting your fitness journey

1: Start a fitness programme that is progressive. Make sure the gym has beginner classes and then intermediate level classes that you can progress onto as you get stronger, fitter and more confident. A programme needs to first start you in a group full of people like you, grow with you as you progress and allows you to move at a pace that you are suited too just like the SOURCE Gym 30-DAY BEGINNER PROGRAMME

2: Make sure that you enjoy not only the classes and the trainers but also the company of the other members of your sessions. These people will be your new team members. They will help motivate you, help you come in on days where you cant get yourself in, help celebrate your wins and pick you up when you fall. This team will be a big part of why you will succeed so choose carefully.

3: Start now. As simple as it is, the need for you to take action while the motivation is there is vital. Strike while the iron is hot. Whatever your first step, make sure that you take it now.

This could be your time. If you start today this time next year, you can look back with admiration to the timid, scared and uncertain version of yourself that took a brave decision to face your fears and take the first step towards a better version of you, a better life and a better future.

Enjoy the journey. Im rooting for you.


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