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SOURCE opened its doors in Omagh in late 2017. SOURCE is Northern Ireland’s first purpose-built, small group personal training facility. SOURCE has been created out of a need to change the way fitness was being delivered in a broken industry. We knew that many people were joining gyms only to be given a ‘one size fits all’ approach and is made to meet the requirements of the gym rather than being treated as an individual. At SOURCE, we understand that everyone is different; everyone’s abilities and goals will also be different. Therefore we provide professional and personalised training programmes delivered in a fun, supportive, non- judgemental and community-based environment.

Our memberships are built around a holistic approach to fitness and exercise. With a combination of small group personal training, team training, mobility, nutrition, and meditation, we look to create a 360 solution for our members. We want all our members to achieve results that not just improve their fitness but lift the quality of their life overall. Get fitter, get stronger, get leaner, make some friends, and find a different version of you.

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Why small group personal training?

When it comes to getting the best quality results, personal training is the best possible option for all gym users. The downside of 1-2-1 training is that over time it can work out to be quite expensive and the lack of community can lead to short term efforts and lack of long term success.

Small group personal training is the perfect solution for those who want results, what to be part of a community, and what to be able to afford the services long term. Small group personal training allows you to receive all the personalisation and quality of personal training and the results that come with it, but at a fraction of the cost.

Small group personal training allows for members to work on personalised plans within a fun group environment where you can train, at your own level, with like-minded and supportive individuals. From the start, we have monthly 1-2-1 reviews and accountability sessions to build your plan and make sure you stay on track.

By using our flexible booking system so you can train at times that suit your schedule. You can make use of your weekly small group personal training sessions and also our unlimited team training sessions, which can keep you active and moving on the days you are not personal training.

All of the above is designed to keep you training on your very own plan, reaching your goals and making sure that this time is the last time you ever need to start on your fitness journey.


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Start your personal training journey with a detailed assessment to find out about you, your life, and what goals you want to achieve.


Start your personal training journey. A lifestyle plan that is personal to you, built for you, and is specifically designed to guarantee you achieve your goals.


Routines may change, life may get in the way, but regular reviews allow us to adapt the plan, hold you accountable, and make sure that you are moving towards your best quality of life. (Available on Platinum, Diamond and Black packages.)

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Only £99. No Commitments. No Tie ins.

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