4 Reasons Why SGPT Is Perfect For Busy

There is no shortage of ways to train, 1-2-1 Personal training, large groups, small groups, open gym, etc. With so much conflicting advice online telling you exactly whats the best way to train, we thought we would have our say on the best way for busy mums and dads to get a little fitter, stronger and leaner.

Though busy parents are blessed with an awful lot, one of those things is certainly not an excess of time, that they can afford to waste. So when it comes to getting results, being time efficient, having flexible routines, and providing a next level experience, then there is only one clear winner — small group personal training or SGPT for short.

Heres 4 reasons why SGPT is ideal for busy mums

1: The best of both worlds
In our experience, when it comes to busy mums training, it’s as much about the social aspect as the training itself. 1-2-1 personal training is great when it comes to the personalisation of a plan and the attention to detail within that hour. Group fitness sessions will not be personalised, so will never get the same results, but are great for a social exercise experience, lots of fun, laughing and sweating. Small group personal training is the best of both worlds.

Small group personal training is personal training delivered in a small group format. This leads to an experience that is fun and social alongside the benefits and personal touch of a 1-2-1 session.

2: It’s more flexible than 1-2-1 personal training.
The 1-2-1 version of Personal training is great when it comes to building a relationship with the trainer, they know you inside out, and this can lead to some great things. That being said, it is the most expensive, and it is the least flexible when it comes to moving your slot. As you must attend a specific time every week and also have an entire family to take care, then this can lead to missed appointments, weeks where you dont train and a bad experience/results overall.

Most SGPT facilities will have booking apps that allow for a lot more flexibility. This will enable you to pick and choose a routine that suits your continually moving lifestyle — no more missed slots, no more wasted time.

3: Higher quality experience, quality of coaching, no time to waste
Small group personal trainers, on the whole, are the best qualified and experienced trainers that you will find. These trainers if hired for 1-2-1, will be the most expensive in their market. Semi-private personal training allows you to get the highest quality coaching and service at a fraction of the cost due to splitting the trainers time with a few other people in that session. These coaches specialise in getting results, so if you have no time or money to waste, make sure to hire the right people to get the results you need.

4: An un-intimidating environment
SGPT is for all abilities. In larger group sessions, it can quite often be sink or swim. If you can’t keep up with the rest, it can be a demoralising experience leading to a short time at the gym. SGPT tailors sessions to whatever level the participants are at. On top of this, most SGPT facilities like SOURCE, have beginner level sessions that allow members to get to learn the basics in a workshop environment before going into the more advanced sessions. So possibly if you have been out of fitness for a while, taking care of everyone else and your confidence is low, these beginner sessions will be ideal.

If you need to start, need a change or want a little help, then look into SGPT.
A personalised, results-driven fitness experience for those with busy lifestyles and no time to waste.


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